the skattie tissue box

The ZAZAAN In_Situ
The ZAZAAN Shape
The ZAZAAN Fabric

Bring a bit of light and colour into the snotty affair of blowing your nose with the Skattie, a perspex tissue box that will no doubt add an aesthetic touch to your bedroom, cloakroom, or kitchen. Add some excitement to your decor with a tissue box that is like no other, straying away from the usual black or white. The easy open-and-close design makes refills simple, while the sleek design will be sure to catch the eye of any colour-lover.

Green Tinted
Yellow Tinted
The ZAZAAN Characteristics
The ZAZAAN Materials
The ZAZAAN Alt_Angle

the skattie tissue box

W 226
D 121
H 93

Coloured Perspex

Please note that this is a custom product. You can expect a lead time of 5-7 working days.


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