the tsonga scatter cushions

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Immerse your living spaces in the rich tapestry of African culture with The Tsonga. Crafted from the vibrant fabrics of the Tsonga culture, this homeware accessory adds a burst of colour and character to even the most neutral spaces. Embrace the spontaneity of colour as The Tsonga Scatter Cushion transports you to the vast landscapes of the savannah. The design mirrors the pop of colour seen in a leopard orchid or the breathtaking sight of a lilac-breasted roller soaring through the bushveld. It's more than a cushion – it's a visual journey through the breathtaking spectrum of nature.

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the tsonga scatter cushions

W 600
H 600

Acrylic scatter cushion covers with down inners.

Please note that this is a custom product. You can expect a lead time of 2-3 weeks.

From R1,150.00

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